Who we are

CARTEX s.r.l.

Our company, founded in 1950, is located in the Tuscan countryside in the municipality of Gambassi Terme, adjacent to the municipalities of Certaldo and San Gimignano.
Supported by over 45 years of experience in papermaking alone, our goal is to be a dynamic and winning company that focuses on technological innovation and service in order to supply our customers a variety of products that, along with the use of high quality raw materials, ensures constant high standards.
All our employees are the source of our strength. They are our chief resource and the intelligence of our organisation. Their involvement at every level, team work, the sharing of goals are all indispensable prerequisites for the quality of each product we make.
The products are the result of our work and are the only element that reflects our image. They must be the best to satisfy our customers. And to achieve this result we offer innovative solutions and continuously improve every aspect of production and quality control.
Our work ethic is the foundation of our company and dictates how we act in the world.
The main focus and goal of our work is the customer. All our efforts originate from our customers' needs and requests. Customer satisfaction is our strength.

CARTEX s.r.l. - Via Costituente, 3
Badia a Cerreto - Gambassi Terme (FI) Italy
Tel. +39 571 667722 - Fax. +39 571 667797
E-mail: cartex@cartex.it - Web: http://www.cartex.it